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Buck Meek, ‘Two Saviors’

New solo album from Big Thief’s Buck Meek! ‘Two Saviors’ is a beautifully cathartic, resilient album. If you love Big Thief, give this a listen. You won’t be disappointed!

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Shame, ‘Drunk Tank Pink’

South London locals Shame have done it again with new LP ‘Drunk Tank Pink’. A more concentrated, honest, unflinching sound than that of their debut, ‘Songs of Praise’, but one that still manages to retain that cheeky, devious spirit that we know and love.

Grab it while you can here!

Pearl Charles, ‘Magic Mirror’

When I first listened to this, I thought I’d been sucked into a time warp and been magically transported back to the 1970s. Maybe it was something in my tea? Who knows. Anyway, I’m sat here, trying to write this little intro but I can’t, because I’m now involuntarily swaying along to the music. How did this happen? Guess it must have been those ABBA-esque, Carole King vibes going on. Mother Earth knows I love a slide guitar, and oh boy is this album drenched in that sunkissed, laidback vibe. Like a flashback to sunnier days… Be right back, just digging out my flares, crochet vest and glitter eyeshadow…

Magic Mirror by Pearl Charles


Black Country, New Road, ‘For the First Time’

We’ve been following this band for a while. Every twist and turn, every new sonic bend… Brixton Windmill regulars, that legendary, beloved venue. Hard to describe, but even harder to stop listening to once you’ve taken the plunge. Like molten black treacle running off a spoon onto ice from a great height? You don’t really know what it’s going to do. I can’t describe it, you’ll just have to listen:

And then, you know, buy the record here, because you can’t stop listening to it now, either.

Osees, ‘Metamorphosed’

We should have known not to be surprised by John Dwyer’s intense productivity… yes, it’s another Osees album! You might want to seek structural reenforcement for that Dwyer shelf before it caves in from all that Osees vinyl…

Five new ear-bending tracks, taken from the same recording sessions of Thee Oh Sees ‘Face Stabber’ LP. If you loved that, you’ll love this!

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Celeste, ‘Not Your Muse’

Debut album from Brighton-based Celeste! Wonderfully soulful, with jazz tones and an tender, emotive voice that draws you in and holds you close. We love this album!

Not Your Muse by Celeste

Listen here: