Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You

“Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You” the new album by Big Thief delivers us some folky-indie campfire tracks. Much like the album cover, this album has a sweet and innocent feel that makes us want to roast marshmallows.
Adrianne Lenker’s vocals are, as per usual, harmonious and pure, occasionally going into a Cocteau-Twins-style range in songs like ‘Little Things’. More tunes to enjoy from this 20-track album are ‘Spud Infinity’ ‘Simulation Swarm’ and ‘Red Moon’

Check out Red Moon here!

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Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There

This album is like a firework; it’s powerful, bright, romantic and the good ones leave an impression on you. However, fireworks only last a second… “Going out with a bang” would be the appropriate term to use now, as the lead singer announced his departure from the band just days before the album’s release, making the album all the more sentimental.

It’s not very often I’m lost for words but this album left my heart hurting, my mouth a jar and my senses tingling! BCNR combine beautiful concords (those who know, know) with the saxophone, piano & violin and merge it with emo-esque guitar riffs. The vocals are clever and reflective of the time, with that classic south london post-punk 2020’s talking/singing style.

Anyone with growing pains will surely melt to this album. Not one to miss.

Listen to ‘Concorde’ here

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Jon Savage’s 1977-1979 – Symbols Clashing Everywhere

“A cross-genre fertilisation of Punk, Post-Punk, Electronica, Dub, Euro Disco and unique one-offs – a reflection of what Jon Savage was listening to in the late 70s.”

Jon Savage has teamed up with ACE to release this powerful new compilation CD. Symbols Clashing Everywhere celebrates some of the best genres and tracks from the 70’s. It has a fantastic mix of styles, resulting in an incredibly exciting, up-beat compilation. It’s hard to sit still too.

Artist’s include The Damned, B52’s, Suicide, The Cramps, Brain Eno, Pere Ubu, Siouxsie & The Banshees and many more…

Listen here to get ready for a knees up…

Various - Jon Savage's 1977-1979 - Symbols Clashing Everywhere - CDx2 –  Rough Trade

Yard Act – The Overload

Still hungover from January? Yard Act are here like a quadruple espresso to catapult you into 2022!

The lads from Leeds deliver us their debut post-punk album, The Overload. At a time when British guitar bands are emerging left, right and centre, Yard Act are the ones that you don’t want to miss. With humorous and compassionate lyrics, the band have that post-bexit-political-post-punk vibe that seems to be heavy in the UK at the moment.

Their frontman, James Smith, tells the NME about his influences “The way Alex Turner wrote lyrics around social observation definitely helped me grow in confidence. To go into that amount of detail on specific objects, to make them seem poignant and profound was really cool. Before that, the music I was listening to wasn’t doing that.”

There is definitely an Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys feel to this album; Cheeky, fun and meaningful.

Fans of Parquet Courts, Arctic Monkeys, Dry Cleaning and Shame will enjoy!

Check it out here

Yard Act: The Overload Album Review | Pitchfork

Stealing Sheep and the Radiophonic Workshop -La Planète Sauvage

HAL 9000, we have officially entered space!
Legendary electro ladies, Stealing Sheep, team up with the Radiophonic Workshop to re-create
René Laloux’s 1973 sci-fi animation ‘La Planète Sauvage (Fantastic Planet)’. This futuristic album celebrates all things Doctor Who and Delia Derbyshire.

Ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re awake or dreaming? Prepare to loose yourself in this sci-fi classic!

“It was a natural assignation…; Stealing Sheep are a unique trio who have a rather wonderful and instinctive feel for the harmonies and magical traditions of art-pop. We are, in effect, art electronica, our music based on natural and unnatural sounds, fields and technologies, past and present. It seemed utterly natural to bring these traditions together in the live re-scoring ‘La Planète Sauvage’, itself, a wonderful piece of psychedelic folk animation. The result was a rather magical moment for us all, that, thank goodness, we were able to capture and re-live” The Radiophonic Workshop

If you don’t already know, get to know!

Lady Blackbird – Black Acid Soul

Debut album from the fabulous Lady Blackbird! As rich as treacle tart and as classic as a Cornetto! Lady Blackbird enters the soul-jazz scene with a bang and Gilles Peterson calling her “the Grace Jones of jazz”. What is not to love?! A voice not to miss. Fans of Chaka Khan, Nina Simone and Issac Hayes will enjoy…

Elvis Costello & The Imposters – The Boy Named If

Ding Dong he’s done it again! New Album from Elvis Costello filled with bright melodies, fresh lyrics and toe tappin’ hits! Listen out for Magnificent Hurt and Farewell, OK.

Costello describes the album as a collection of songs that “take us from the last days of a bewildered boyhood to that mortifying moment when you are told to stop acting like a child – which for most men (and perhaps a few gals too) can be any time in the next fifty years.”

“‘IF,’ is a nickname for your imaginary friend; your secret self, the one who knows everything you deny, the one you blame for the shattered crockery and the hearts you break, even your own.”

IF only we all had some more Elvis in our lives…

Shannon Lay, “Geist”

Geist by Shannon Lay

Geist feels like a window – or a mirror – into possibilities of the self and beyond. Shannon Lay’s new album is tender intensity, placeless and ethereal. It exists in the chasms of the present – a world populated by shadow selves, spiritual awakenings, déjà vu, and past lives.

“Something sleeps inside us,” Lay insists on the opening track, and that’s the guiding philosophy throughout. A winding, golden, delicate thread of intuition that explores the unknown, the possibility. Its title, Geist, the German word for spirit, is rife with an otherworldly presence, the suggestion of another. The promise that you are never alone.

Lay tracked vocals and guitar at Jarvis Tavinere of Woods’s studio, then sent the songs out to multi-instrumentalists Ben Boye (Bonnie Prince Billy, Ty Segall) in Los Angeles and Devin Hoff (Sharon Van Etten, Cibo Matto) in New York; trusting their musical instincts and intuition. She then sent those recordings to Sofia Arreguin (Wand) and Aaron Otheim (Heatwarmer, Mega Bog) for additional keys, while Ty Segall contributed a guitar solo on “Shores.”

Ty Segall, “Harmonizer”

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Get some reinforcements for your Ty Segall shelf, because there’s a new one out now! His first in two years! Harmonizer is a glossy, barely-precedented sound for him, and truth, it enraptures the ear — but in Ty’s hands, the sound is also a tool that allows him to cut through dense undergrowth, making for some of his cleanest songs and starkest ideas to date.