Holy Motors, “Horse”

Music for devoted shoegaze fans, western psychedelia, country crooners, through to dreamer cowboys driving through country roads under the stars. Holy Motors is a “twang and reverb” band from Tallinn, Estonia, united by a shared infatuation with the american west that they got as they waited out the long, grim winters by watching old westerns and playing music.

Horse | Holy Motors

Jack Name, “Magic Touch”

*Mexican Summer release* Beautiful drunken guitars*

If Cate Le Bon thinks it’s good, you better believe it, baby! It’s like when you’ve been stuck insider for months and then you’re let loose and you hug your best friend for the first time in months and you’re drunk on human contact. Fab-u-lous.

Jack Name - Magic Touch. Outpost.

Kevin Morby, ‘Sundowner’

Kevin Morby’s latest americana-folk record is an attempt to “put the middle American twilight into sound”: that understanding that the sun, though setting, will always rise again. K-Mob made the album we didn’t know we needed but it arrived like a warm hug just as the warmth in the trees melts away.

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Mrs. Piss, ‘Self-Surgery’

Cargo Records describes this as: ‘A new collaboration between Chelsea Wolfe & Jess Gowrie. Drawing on their collective rock, metal, and industrial influences, a collection of songs more urgent & visceral than anything either of them has created before: heaviness spurred on by punk spirit.’

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