Black Country, New Road – Ants From Up There

This album is like a firework; it’s powerful, bright, romantic and the good ones leave an impression on you. However, fireworks only last a second… “Going out with a bang” would be the appropriate term to use now, as the lead singer announced his departure from the band just days before the album’s release, making the album all the more sentimental.

It’s not very often I’m lost for words but this album left my heart hurting, my mouth a jar and my senses tingling! BCNR combine beautiful concords (those who know, know) with the saxophone, piano & violin and merge it with emo-esque guitar riffs. The vocals are clever and reflective of the time, with that classic south london post-punk 2020’s talking/singing style.

Anyone with growing pains will surely melt to this album. Not one to miss.

Listen to ‘Concorde’ here

Black Country, New Road: Ants From Up There Album Review | Pitchfork