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Willie J. Healey – Bunny

Follow up to Willie J. Healey’s debut ‘Twin Heavy’ (2020), The Latest offering is a cool fusion of influences, spanning Neil Young to Harry Nilsson, Conan Mockasin and George Harrison. Funky, Sharp, Expansive Guitar-Based songwriting.

Buck Meek – Haunted Mountain

Big Thief’s beautiful guitarist Buck Meek returns with new solo album “Haunted Mountain”. A wonderful, Laidback selection of songs with an Americana twang and some expert fingerpicking to complement meek’s sweet texan voice.

Slowdive – Everything Is Alive

Everything Is Alive, Slowdive’s 5th record, an exploration into the shimmering nature of life and the universal touch points within it. Spanning psychedelic soundscapes, pulsating 80’s electronic elements and John Cale inspired journeys, the album lands immediately as something made for 2023 and beyond.

Jim Sullivan – U.F.O.

U.F.O is a psych-folk record with it’s head in the stratosphere. The albums lush arrangements set off a dramatic juxtaposition of refined majesty against Sullivan’s earthy, driving melancholy. U.F.O. stands as one of the truly great ‘lost’ masterpieces of the 20th Century.

The Pooh Sticks – Straight up : Noise Pollution C88-90

Straight Up: Noise Pollution C88-90’ is a selection of some of the most loved/despised/ignored tracks released by The Pooh Sticks on however many records it was before it all went wilfully ‘American’ sometime around dotted-line’ing for BMG mega-corp in 1991.

Art School Girlfriend – Soft Landing

Second Album by Polly Mackey. With added vocals from Marika Hackman, Mackey’s new album sure gives the most ethereal brooding indie dance sound sure to transport you into another dimension.

Cosmic Neighbourhood – Gatherings

Taking modular electronics, flutes, bells, and softly pattering drum machines, before colouring them all with the amber glow of some forgotten, psychedelic kids’ TV programme. Adam Higton’s work documents the daily goings-on of the forest folk within the realm of the cosmic neighbourhood.

Air Miami – Me. Me. Me.

1995 album from Washington D.C. Band ‘Air Miami’ Rising from the ashes of indie rockers ‘Unrest’. Jangly, Bright guitars, infectious fast rhythms and a decidedly ‘”pop”ier outlook (but still retaining essences of ‘unrest’s’ sound) – This reissue includes all the singles & unreleased tracks!

Cut Worms – Cut Worms

Third self titled record from singer-song writer Max Clarke. Clarke mixes lyrics reflecting relentlessly on the yearning and burning of love with a compact collection of daydream anthems. With instrumentation subtle and harmonies delicate, consisting of celestial guitar, leads, stacked horns and strolling piano lines, this is a must in time perfectly for summer.

Mighty Baby – Mighty Baby

One of the ‘must haves’ from the most fertile periods of underground rock in the uk. Born out of mod rock band ‘the action’ – they steered a more progressive path with a nod to the west coast scene all the while retaining the intrinsic Englishness.

Eliza Skelton – The Lookerer

Haunting and Ethereal folk from brighton based singer songwriter Eliza Skelton. Previously involved in projects including ‘Oddfellows Casino’ and ‘The Desperate Ones’. Magnificent spooky new folk.