Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, ‘Ghosteen’

‘Maybe my songs used to say “Here I am”, demanding recognition. Now my songs ask “Are you there?”, longing for an answer.’

-Nick Cave, The Red Hand Files.

The latest album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds finally arrives on physical formats, after having been available for streaming since the beginning of October. Ghosteen is not Cave’s first album to be released in the aftermath of his son’s death, but it is the first to fully meditate on such grief. Whilst 2016’s Skeleton Tree is almost unbearable to revisit, for its outpouring of sorrow is so raw, Ghosteen is a more resolute affair. Beautifully sad, contemplative, and poetic; Cave reminds us that loss is universal and ultimately, human. ‘Are you there?’, he asks of us as listeners. And so, we respond: Yes. Yes, we are.

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