Angel Olsen, ‘All Mirrors’

All Mirrors is Angel Olsen’s fourth album, following in the footsteps of 2016’s spectacular My Woman. This time, Olsen is supported by a 12-piece orchestra, but rather than swaying into Scott Walker-esque dramatic pop territory, she manages to keep up the tension and twists that My Woman revealed. The songs never go where we expect them to: listening to All Mirrors, Olsen keeps us on our toes. Despite all the richness that the song’s orchestral arrangements provide, the songs still bear the loneliness of their birth. Writing them during an isolated month-long session in remote Anacortes, Washington, the songs on All Mirrors still maintain the power and intensity of Olsen’s initial, solo recordings. Despite there being violinists, cellists and violists, it still feels like it’s just Angel and her guitar.